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Everyone! All you need is to be born in 2002 or before ... well, it all depends on the race you’ve chosen:

  • The 10 km is open to all runners born in 2002 or before (16 years old in 2018)
  • The Half Marathon is open to all runners born in 2000 or before (18 years old in 2018)
  • The Marathon is open to all runners born in 1998 or before (20 years old in 2018)

Warning! When picking up race bibs, licenced runners must present their sports licence (FFA or FFTRI) showing that a medical certificate has been issued. Runners without a licence must present a medical certificate stating that they have no contra-indication to taking part in running competitions.

All registrations are done on the time to site.

Unlike many other registration sites, this one is straightforward. It takes no more than five minutes and you will immediately have confirmation of your registration. After creating your account (or after identifying yourself with your time to profile), all you need to do is fill in the form and pay (securely and online obviously).

If you want to join the elite or preferential starting area, register in the yellow starting area and send us evidence of your performance by email to We will then change your group!

Your registration includes:

  • Access to the village and activities
  • Training
  • Race participation
  • Electronic chip timing
  • A t-shirt
  • Finishers’ medal
  • the status of finisher


The Challenge Alptis des Entreprises is where employees in the same company get together to represent their company at Run In Reims. Challenge Alptis des Entreprises is also the opportunity for the intern to tell the Human Resources Director that they really want a permanent contract, for Fred (the accountant) to explain to Jean (his team member) that he is doing a great job, and for Alexandra to run alongside Tom, for whom she has a bit of a soft spot. In short, it is an excellent team-building tool!

Do you think your company could be interested? Click here to download the presentation leaflet and find out all the information you need. You can also get hold of the order form which you will need to register. You can also contact:

  • Anaïs Leloup, by email to or + 33 (0)

Nothing could be easier: go and see your team leader and ask nicely for your code. Then, all you need to do is register on the time to website. Then start training to make sure you clock up a good time for your company!


In order to pick up your race bib, you need to go to the Run In Reims Village, Parc des expositions de Reims - Site Henri Faman - Allée Thierry Sabine - 51100 REIMS:

  • Friday October 19th between 10am and 8pm
  • Saturday October 20th between 9am and 7pm

To collect your bibs you need to come  with:

  • Your convocation with the QR code (received by email)
  • Your proof of identity
  • Your medical certificate, if it has not been validated by the organisation on your personal account time to or if you didn't download it.

Warning: No possibility to get a race number on Sunday morning before the departure

To save your time and avoid possible stress you can directly upload your medical certificate into your time to account and ensure it's valid (it must be dated less than a year prior the date of the race and have the wording « running in competition »)

You will also have to present your official convocation (with the QR Code) (that you will receive by email a week before the race) and proof of identity at the village.

No race numbers will be sent by mail. No race numbers will be given the day of the race

No medical certificates will be accepted by post, or by email.


A medical certificate stating no contra-indication to athletics, running, or triathlon in competition is mandatory. It must be dated less than a year before the race.

Oh yes! Without a valid medical certificate mentioning “no counter indication to taking part in athletics competitions” or “no counter indication to taking part in running competitions”, you won't be able to run! Check out our medical certificate page to be sure that yours has been provided correctly. Even better, to avoid errors, we recommend that you use our model certificate which is available here.


  • Half Marathon: 8.30am 
  • Marathon: 8.30am. 
  • 10 km11.30am.

We advise you to get to your starting area at least 30 minutes before your start time.

The start line is Avenue Libergier is the center of Reims.

The finish line is Avenue du Général Estienne


When you pick up your race bib, we will also give you a timing chip which takes the form of a strip stuck behind each bib. Long live technology! This chip will be automatically started when you cross the start line and will check your regularity throughout the course at various points (every 5km in fact). For example, a participant who doesn't take the right route can't be ranked at the end.

For your chip to be detected by the timing mats throughout the route, make sure that you:

  • Don't fold your bib
  • Don't crease your bib
  • Don't unstick the strips
  • Don't let children draw on them either.
  • And if you are wearing a top over your bib, remember to unzip it when you run over the mats.

We will make sure that you get all the sustenance you need to get across the finish line! Refreshments will be organised for all three races, every 5 km. You can grab some water, dried fruit, fresh fruit and sugar.

No, there are no changing rooms. You might need to walk across Reims in your fluorescent outfit, but for once, this is acceptable. But there will be left luggage facilities at the finish line. You can leave your (closed) bag there and pick it up after the race upon presentation of your bib.

You can leave your bags at the left luggage facilities next to the finish line so your can run with a clear head and empty pockets. You pick it up after the race upon presentation of your bib.

At the request of the authorities, all kinds of back packs (including Camelbaks) will be forbidden in the starting areas for security purposes.

You will find toilets at the start alongside the starting area and at the finish line.

Of course! In each starting area, pacemakers will be there to help you meet your goals. Just like cabaret dancers, they are easy to spot: they will be wearing feathers in the colours of your starting area!


  • 3h30 - blue
  • 3h45 - purple
  • 4h00 - green
  • 4h15 - grey
  • 4h30 and more - pink


  • 1h40 - blue
  • 1h45 - purple
  • 1h55 - green
  • 2h00 - grey
  • 2h05 and more - pink


  • 47' - blue
  • 51' - purple
  • 54' - green
  • 57' - grey


Your results will be available on the time to website from the afternoon of Sunday 21th October. You can download a certificate on the same site and find photos and videos of the race. All you'll need to do is share them on your social networks to show what you were doing while everyone else was lazing in bed!

Of course! We don't want to put you under any pressure (promise!), but it has to be said that we want you to run a good time (a little bit of pressure never did any harm)!


  • Individual ranking including all runners.


  • A ranking per team based on the number of kilometres run
  • Ranking based on average performance of the whole team's time..