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The Half-Marathon is now the favourite distance for many runners. Both accessible to everyone (with several weeks’ training) and difficult to achieve, it is an ambitious objective for all runners from Reims, elsewhere in France and abroad.

The Run In Reims by Harmonie Mutuelle Half-Marathon is the ideal half-marathon this year, if you want to run this distance for the first time this year or if you want to improve your best time.

If you are running a half marathon for the first time, you will enjoy an extremely pleasant route, incorporating the historical monuments of the city centre which are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and an adventure into the towns surrounding Reims.

You will also appreciate the support of the Reims public, well-known for its presence at sports and running events and ready to cheer you on right to the end!

If you are running your fifth, tenth or even thirtieth Half-Marathon, you will of course enjoy the pleasant surroundings like everyone else, but you will also appreciate the gently undulating route with an extremely limited difference in height, which might tempt you to try to get a great time under your belt. You might even try for your personal best, but all we really expect from you is excellent preparation between now and 21th October for the Run In Reims by Harmonie Mutuelle Half-Marathon!

Run in Reims - 11/10/2015 - Reims - France - Marathon - Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims
Run in Reims - 11/10/2015 - Reims - France - Marathon - Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims - ASO/G.Demouveaux

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